Everest climbers beginning their climbs

The Everest season is officially underway with teams congregating in Kathmandu. Some teams have started the trek to base camp while others are putting the final touches on gear prep in town. You can follow Mike Hamill's climb on the International Mountain Guides' Everest Blog: http://www.mountainguides.com

Aconcagua Season!

The climbing season on Aconcagua is in full swing! Guide Mike Hamill of Climbing the Seven Summits is set to leave for his 22nd and 23rd expeditions to the peak in a few days. Check out the new image from Aconcagua on Kalakora Gallery: http://www.kalakora.com/image-gallery.html

AAC Dinner: 50th Anniversary of Americans on Everest

The American Alpine Club is hosting a dinner to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Americans on Everest in San Francisco. This event will be held on February 23rd, 2013. For more information go to: http://www.americanalpineclub.org/p/american-alpine-club-to-host-50th-anniversary-of-americans-on-mount-everest-annual-benefit-dinner-press-release

Extended interview on the REI Blog

Here's an extended interview on the REI blog by journalist Terry Wood: //www.rei.com/share/rei-blog/2012/10/climbing-7-summits.html