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Mission Statement:

To help clients set climbing goals, specifically those connected to climbing one or all of the Seven Summits, and help facilitate achieving those goals. In working towards these goals we aim to inspire, help people improve fitness, and attain goals that stretch the client’s comfort level. In working toward this mission we hope to connect people with the natural world and it’s unique cultures, and create a healthy respect for the environment.



Seven Summits Adventure Consulting is the premier outdoor adventure consulting firm. We offer the highest level of customized advice and information to achieve your outdoor goals whether they be climbing Mt. Everest, all the Seven Summits, or other outdoor adventure trips. Mike Hamill’s comprehensive and detailed knowledge of the climbing and outdoor adventure industries make him an invaluable resource for targeting a climbing goal, specifically one or all of the Seven Summits. Mike has personally climbed the Seven Summits five times, some peaks as many as twenty times. He will assist you in setting goals, streamlining a plan to realize those goals, help you organize a progression for trips that is right for you, save you time and money connecting you with the right companies and resources, make gear suggestions, and generally take the guesswork out of  pursuing your goals. We specialize in Seven Summits planning but also work with clients towards more broad adventure goals. Our extensive knowledge of the Seven Summits, rock and ice climbing, high altitude mountaineering, endurance sports, and training techniques along with our varied and complete network of industry professionals puts us in a unique position to offer you the best service and simplify the process. We also hope to help you experience this great planet, unique cultures, while creating lasting friendships and camaraderie.

Climbing one or all of the Seven Summits can cost tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars and be a logistical nightmare to organize if you are new to the industry or a specific climb. With the right advice and direction you can save significant time and money and narrow your goals to something that fits your needs. Seven Summits Adventure Consulting is the place to start. 



In order to provide you with the highest level of service we will need you to fill out a detailed questionnaire and the waiver forms (which will be sent to you by SSAC after speaking with the director, Mike Hamill). We will then conduct a preliminary client interview with you, either over the phone or in person when possible, to get to know you and your specific goals. Once we have discussed your potential projects, SSAC will compile an “Adventure Worksheet” which will outline possible adventures to work up to your goal, outline a timeline, illustrate a progression that would suit this goal, identify potential companies to work with and a network of industry professionals, and address the finer points of the process such as gear and training. Mike Hamill will then discuss this program with you to set you in the right direction.



Rates are based on an hourly basis and reflect a conservative estimate of time spent working with an individual. There is a mandatory 1 hour charge for the initial consultation/preliminary client interview.



Please contact directly for more information regarding Seven Summits Adventure Consulting.




“Mike, Thanks to you and ordinary Joe (me) got a chance to do something special. I will never forget everything you did for me and for our team. I wish you all the best.” -Doug


“Again, thanks for an awesome adventure.It’s the people, the friendship and the camaraderie that make up for more than half of the experience. Thanks for being so great!! and getting me up and down that hill safely. I look forward to climbing with you again in the future.” -Jason

“Thanks you for showing me the great World of high altitude climbing on Aconcagua. It had a lasting impact on me personally and my climbing, and it was due to you!” -Ann


“It was a wonderful experience. It was a great opportunity for my son and I to do something very challenging and memorable together. We will always cherish this time…

We wish you continued success and safety.” -Rod


“I have much to thank you for during this memorable life experience. Certainly you guidance and skill are among the many traits that helped make this an experience in which I was able to learn a lot about myself, my limits, and my aspirations.” -Sharon


“Thanks you for all your care and personal attention. To say the adventure was successful is an understatement. “ -George


“Thanks so much for everything you did to make our climb so successful and memorable.” -Marty