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—Daryl R. Miller, Denali National Park and Preserve 

Mount Kosciuszko Fast Facts

  1.   Mount Kosciuszko was originally thought to be lower than it sneighbor, Mount Townsend.
  2.   The mountain lies in the southeast corner of Australia.
  3.   Mount Kosciuszko is the shortest and easiest of the Seven Summits to climb.
  4.   In the winter, cross-country ski trails traverse the slopes just below the mountain.
  5.   The track-road that leads from Charlotte’s Pass to Rawson Pass used to be open to vehicle traffic.

Altitude: 7313 feet (2229m)

Summit GPS Waypoints: S3627.250, E14816.196

Elevation Gain: (base camp to summit) via Charlotte’s Pass 1273 feet (388m), via Thredbo Ski resort 991feet (302m)

Distance: (base camp to summit) via Charlotte’s Pass 5.6 miles (9km), via Thredbo Skiresort 8miles (13km)

Difficulty Ratings: Technical: 1, Physical: 2

Time: (door to door) 10 days

Season: December – February best, March – April and October – November OK



Mount Kosciuszko, or “Kozzie” as Australians call it, crowns the weathered Snowy Mountains of New South Wales, Australia. The Snowy Mountains are part of the Great Dividing Range that straddles Victoria and New South Wales. These mountains lie 120 miles (192 km) from the east coast of Australia. Kosciuszko is about a six-hour drive from Australia’s two largest cities: Sydney to the north and Melbourne to the south. It’s approximately 100 miles (160 km) southwest of Australia’s capital city, Canberra.

Other Activities:

Fly Fishing, Mountain trekking, Surfing and Relaxing on the beach on Australia’s coast, Sightseeing in Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne