CTSS Speed Ascent Program

CTSS takes pride in being on the cutting edge of new approaches to climbing mountains that improve safety, success, and efficiency. Mike Hamill has years of experience using portable altitude chambers to successfully pre-acclimate climbers to the rarefied air found at altitude.

Through the “Speed Ascent Program,” we work with you to use specially designed altitude chambers in the comfort of your own bed so you can spend more time at home with your loved ones and less time away on expedition. Also, safety can be improved by mitigating the amount of time spent in harm’s way in the mountains at extreme altitudes.

We feel that these altitude chambers are not a substitute for acclimating properly in the mountains but have found that they can be an incredibly valuable tool to facilitate on-mountain acclimatization and mitigate the amount of time at altitude.

Do you have serious time constraints and need to spend more time focusing on work, productivity, and family at home rather than tediously acclimatizing on the mountain? If you think this option is right for you, please contact us directly, and we will work with you on a personal plan to allow our Speed Ascent Program to maximize results.