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Select photos taken by Mike Hamill are available from the Kalakora Gallery »



Climbing the Seven Summits” by Mike Hamill ($30 unsigned, $35 signed) is available here:

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Climbing the Seven Summits Ball CapHats:

New, one-size-fits all Climbing the Seven Summits black and white truckers caps: Climbing the Seven Summits Ball Caps $24.95



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Mountain GearMountain Gear:

Complete Seven Summits gear lists for each mountain and now available with recommended selections from Mountain Gear.


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Seven Summits HD DVD:

Buy the official “Climbing the Seven Summits” DVD! $39.95 (view trailer here ยป)

Whether you’re finishing the Seven Summits, completed the journey years ago or looking to climb your first peak, this movie is for you. This 50 minute HD movie will give you a visual representation of what to expect on your upcoming climbs or allow you to reminisce about past feats and show your loved ones what you’ve accomplished. With high definition video and high resolution photos from all of the Seven peaks (8 including Carstensz Pyramid) and in depth descriptions of each peak including interviews with author of Climbing the Seven Summits and 4 time Seven Summiter, Mike Hamill, you will be able to see these peaks through the eyes of a climber. Mike has spent more than a decade climbing, researching, photographing, and videoing these peaks and has deftly compiled these images into a professionally made movie. If you are considering climbing the Seven Summits this movie will show you what to expect from each peak and allow you to get a sense for each climb. Pick up a copy today to see what climbing these great mountains is all about!


Climbing the Seven Summits Certificates of Ascent

Memorialize your Seven Summits climbs with official “Climbing the Seven Summits” certificates of ascent. Individualized certificates for each climb and completion of the Seven Summits are authenticated with a signature from the author of “Climbing the Seven Summits” and sticker. Each certificate indicates the peak, climber, peak height, date of ascent, continent and text certifying ascent, all superimposed over a photo of the specific mountain. These certificates make great keepsakes to hang on the wall at home or in the office to commemorate your achievements and remember the climbs for years to come. The certificates come in common frame sizes to be quickly and easily matted, framed, and hung.


Seven Summits Ascent Completion Certificate: 8″x11″. $39.95

Note: upon request of certificates, please email with the peak name(s), your name, date(s) of ascent, partner/guide that you climbed with (and their contact info for authentication) as well as summit photos if possible. Climbing the Seven Summits reserves the right to verify completion of ascent and to deny a certificate if it is deemed that an ascent is in question.


  • Individual Mountain Certificates, 8×11″: $29.95
  • Seven Summits Completion Certificate, 8×11″: $39.95
  • All 7 (Kosciuszko OR Cartensz Pyramid) Mountain Certificates plus the Seven Summits Completion Certificate (8 total): $179.95
  • All 8 (Kosciuszko AND Carstensz Pyramid) Mountain Certificates plus the Seven Summits Completion Certificate (9 total): $199.95


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