Trip Insurance

Let’s face it, with adventure travel, things don’t always go as planned. The proposed itinerary gets thrown out the window because of a storm, a tire goes flat on the jeep ride across Tibet, or you get a stomach rumbling from new and different cuisine. But these unknowns are why we love adventure travel, right?

Too many times we have seen clients need to cancel their trip either before or during an expedition for unforeseen reasons such as injury, illness, family issues, work obligations and so on. Considering the length of expeditions and how much is at stake, it would be irresponsible to not be prepared for contingencies. That is why for each of our programs, we require Travel Insurance which covers trip delay and cancellation, rescue, repatriation, and any medical issues that may arise. Protect yourself so you can head out on your expedition with peace of mind and focus on climbing.

Recommended Options

On each CTSS expedition we require our clients to hold sufficient medical, rescue and evacuation insurance in addition to travel insurance that covers full trip cancellation and trip interruption.

There are several excellent providers on the market that can offer competitive policies.

Please do your own research to make sure you understand the specific coverage of each provider and plan, and ensure that the plan covers the full amount of the trip cost and cancellation.

Although insurer’s plans and rates are always adapting and changing with the market, our clients have had great success with Global Rescue

We recommend Global Rescue for several reasons:

  • They are the world leaders (and set the industry standard) in rescue, evacuation, medical, security, and travel risk management policies for climbers and trekkers.
  • Their track record is second to none.
  • They have unparalleled experience working in extreme locations like the ones we climb in.

“I was panic stricken but
lucky that morning. I had the benefits of the American Alpine Club Global Rescue Service
at my fingertips. My partners leapt into action, calling for
my rescue and preparing a heli landing pad on the glacier. That afternoon I was swept away by the rescue helicopter and in a hospital, breathing again.”

Steve Swenson, Former President, American Alpine Club
We suggest a Global Rescue package that includes Membership (For Medical and Evacuation Services) & their Signature Travel Insurance (Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption)

Some Membership Benefits include:

Medical Only
• 24hr medical advisory services from critical care paramedics and in-house physicians • Specialists at Johns Hopkins Medicine available in real-time
• Field Rescue from the point of illness or injury
• Evacuation back to the member’s home hospital of choice
• Global network of medical Centers Of Excellence
• Deployable medical personnel in the case of hospitalization abroad
• Evacuation services provided up to $500,000

Security Upgrade Available:
• 24hr security advisory services from in-house security professionals, comprised of veterans of elite U.S. military units
• Extraction from the point of danger in a security emergency
• Evacuation back to the member’s home country
• Deployable security teams
• Extraction services provided up to $100,000

To get the most out of your Global Rescue membership, there are some important things to know:
  1. Global Rescue must be contacted at the time of an incident and will provide the required services from this point onwards. Global Rescue is unable to reimburse members for rescue costs. If Global Rescue organizes and/or performs the rescue and their criteria are met, there is no cost to the member.
  2. For Global Rescue to cover the costs of a medical evacuation, the member must be ill or injured and require in-patient hospitalization. This determination is made by Global Rescue’s medical team at the time of an incident. Global Rescue will never deny services to a member in need but, in cases where this threshold is not met, the member will be responsible for the cost of the evacuation. Global Rescue may ask the member for a credit card to cover the cost of these services.
  3. Communication is critical in any backcountry or wilderness rescue situation. Global Rescue strongly recommends that members carry a satellite phone with them personally or at a minimum with a member of their group. The Global Rescue emergency number (1-617-459-4200) can be pre-programmed into the phone and it is helpful to let your partners and/or guides know that you have the service. It is also important to carry spare batteries for any extended trip.

Frequently asked questions by climbers and trekkers:

Q. Does Global Rescue place any restrictions on elevation or the use of technical climbing equipment?

A. No, there are no restrictions on elevation or the use of technical climbing equipment.

Q. Does my Global Rescue membership cover me wherever I am in the world?

A. Yes, as long as you are more than 160 miles from home, with the exception of the Polar Regions. Members while traveling above 80° North or below 60° South are not covered under the standard membership but options are available.

Q. Will I be evacuated if I have altitude sickness?

A. In more severe cases, yes. However, the possession of a Global Rescue membership should not override common sense or personal responsibility. Any member suffering symptoms of Acute Mountain Sickness should not ascend any higher, should descend and contact Global Rescue as soon as possible. Global Rescue’s medical teams are trained to assess members with symptoms of Acute Mountain Sickness and are supported by Global Rescue’s staff physicians, including a leading authority on altitude related issues.

Whichever plan or provider you choose, please make sure to forward us a copy before the start of the expedition, so we can assist you in case of an emergency.