CTSS Program Application

Step 1) Please indicate the program that you would like to apply for.

Step 2) Fill out the form completely, truthfully, and to the best of your ability

Step 3) Deposits are payable when the application form is submitted (25% of the listed program price). We prefer electronic transfers where possible however accept wire transfers and credit card payments. If submitting the deposit with an electronic or wire deposit, please contact us for our bank wire information and submit this asap. Your position on the program will not be reserved until the deposit is processed.

Step 4) Upon receipt of your application and payment we will process your application. We will let you know asap whether your application has been accepted or not via the email address you provide on your application.

Step 5) Upon acceptance, we will send you follow up forms such as the waiver forms, physicians medical form, travel and passport information form to make sure we have all of your data. We will also begin sending you the program emails to get you up to speed on all the details for your trip.

Step 6) Submit your remaining paperwork and balance payment prior to 120 days before the program start date.

Note: This is an application. This application requires the acceptance of CTSS personnel before the applicant will be enrolled on the program. CTSS reserves the right to deny an applicant enrollment in its programs for any reason.

Note: If the applicant is under the age of 18, the application must be signed by their legal parent or guardian. Also, they must be accompanied by a legal parent or guardian on the program.

Note: Your application will only be sent directly to us and will only be reviewed by CTSS staff. Your personal information is important to us and will be handled respectfully.

Please take this application seriously and answer all questions truthfully. Doing so will allow us to properly serve your needs. Please know that we treat all your information with the upmost care and confidentiality.

Sex: MF

Emergency Contact:


Trekking and climbing expeditions can be very arduous and physically taxing. You must be in good shape to join one of our programs and have requisite skills for the individual program. It is up to the applicant to be aware of what those skills are for each program and we will be happy to assist you in building those skills prior to the start of the program either through one of our courses, working with you on a training and skills program, or recommending other programs.

Is this your first CTSS program? YesNo

Would you like our single supplement option for single accommodations where possible on the trip? Please note this will add $500 to the program total fees YesNo

Medical Information:

Are you generally in good health? YesNo

Do you currently have or have you ever had any medical conditions or physical restrictions? YesNo

Are you currently taking any medications or are under the care of a doctor? YesNo

Have you ever experienced altitude illness such as acute mountain sickness, high altitude pulmonary edema, or high altitude cerebral edema? YesNo

Have you ever had frostbite? YesNo

Do you have any allergies to food, plants, medications, animals, or otherwise? YesNo

Have you been hospitalized in the last 10 years? YesNo

Have you ever had any joint injuries or do you experience pain in your joints? YesNo

Have you ever been diagnosed with a heart condition, respiratory conditions, gastrointestinal condition, high blood pressure, epilepsy, or diabetes? YesNo

Have you ever been diagnosed or treated for mental health illnesses? YesNo

Do you have any speech, vision, or hearing impairments? YesNo

Do you have any dietary restrictions? YesNo

Do you use tobacco? NoYes: smokeYes: chew
Do you have any other known limitations on your activities YesNo

Any thing else of note medically or otherwise that we should be made aware of? YesNo


YesI understand: to reserve a spot with CTSS you need to submit a deposit of 25% of the program price with this application. Please confirm that you have read the Payment Procedure Options detailed lower on this page and will follow-up with a deposit after submitting this application form. (Required)

Our Corporate Social Responsibility:

Beyond being a proud member of “1% for the planet” reserving 1% of our profits to engage in smart environmental giving, Climbing the Seven Summits also donates a portion of your program fees towards our not for profit “Tiger of the Snows Fund” which aims to provide further education amongst underserved outdoor tourism communities. Please choose one of the three options where you wish to direct your portion:

Fund mountaineering training for a climbing Sherpa in the Khumbu ValleyFund medical or English skills training for an outdoor tourism workerFund schooling for the child of an outdoor tourism worker

Terms and Conditions:

YesI have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions detailed lower on this page. (Required)

Terms and Conditions

  • TBA


Payment Procedure Options

Electronic Transfer, Bank Wire, Credit Card (please note there is +3.4% merchant fee), PayPal

To reserve a spot with CTSS you need to submit a deposit of 25% of the program price with this application.

The remaining 75% balance is due, and must be paid in full, 120 days prior to the program departure date. Please note that CTSS reserves the right to withdraw you from the program if paperwork and the final payment is not received by this time.

Price is based on double occupancy. Single rooms may be available where possible on the trip. Please note this will add $500 to the program total fees.



1) Log into the Paypal app and tap Send Money, or in the web browser select Tools > Send Money and choose ‘Send Money to Family & Friends’

2) Enter our email: info@climbingthesevensummits.com

2) Enter the amount to send, review your payment details and where you’ll send your money from (your paypal balance, bank account or credit card)

3) Tap Send Now

4) Done – we will receive a notification when the money arrives in our paypal account and alert you


If CTSS incurs any costs or expenses on your behalf that are above and beyond the normal scope of program expenses outlined, including but not limited to search and rescue fees, or other unforeseen costs, you agree to reimburse those fees within 10 days of receipt. Other fees or schedule structures may apply – please refer to the program literature to see whats not  & ensure you have understand our cancellation and refund policy as well as what is not included in your program.



Each participant is required to purchase trip insurance for their program. CTSS will not buy trip insurance for you and we strongly recommend cancellation insurance.


Cancellation and Refund Policy:

All paperwork is to be returned and program fees are to be paid in full 120 days prior to the start of the program. CTSS reserves the right to withdraw enrolment from anyone who fails to meet these conditions.


We strongly recommend trip cancellation insurance as your deposit and program fees will be forfeited in the instance of your cancellation. (Upon application, we secure local outfitters, accommodation, permits, etc for you ahead of the program departure date and therefore deposits and program fees are non-recoverable)

If for some reason you need to transfer from one program to another, CTSS will do its best to accommodate you where possible, but this cannot be guaranteed as expenses already incurred may be non-recoverable.

Please be aware that if you have been admitted to a program but your doctor fails to sign your physician form by the due date, then your deposit will be forfeited.