First Solo Winter Ascent of Denali

  A solo winter climb of Denali? In 1984, I could not have imagined a more audacious idea. After having climbed the mountain many times in prior “normal” summer seasons, I was on vacation in Japan that winter when Naomi Umeura, a Japanese mountaineering hero, was declared lost on Denali […]

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100% success on Elbrus!

18 out of 18 on top ain’t bad! Congrats to both of my Mt. Elbrus teams this season. Everyone climbed well and stood on top of Europe while navigating some bad weather. We’re looking forward to one more hike in the valley tomorrow before making the flight back to Moscow, […]

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Everest Begins! Meeting with the Ministry of Tourism

  Every Mt. Everest expedition begins with a visit to the Ministry of Tourism in Kathmandu to meet the department heads and liason officers, and receive a climb briefing. The first teams are beginning to file through the Ministry. Many of the larger commercial expeditions are now in Nepal preparing […]

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The Summit Ridge of Mt. Everest


TOUCHING THE NIGHT SKY There are few experiences in the known universe akin to exiting the safety and warmth of the International Space Station’s airlock and gracefully floating out into the pitch-black vacuum of space. After many months of intense training and great anticipation, not to mention the exhilaration of rocketing […]

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Aconcagua, South America

Aconcagua’s South Face by Willie Benegas

ACONCAGUA’S SOUTH FACE The South Face of Aconcagua is among the biggest of the world’s big walls; its towering 9000 feet are made up of dreadfully rotten rock, collapsing ice cliffs, and steep, plunging slopes of snow and ice. It seems an environment designed to repel anyone with any sense […]

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Namche, Nepal

Everest climbers beginning their climbs

The Everest season is officially underway with teams congregating in Kathmandu. Some teams have started the trek to base camp while others are putting the final touches on gear prep in town. You can follow Mike Hamill’s climb on the International Mountain Guides’ Everest Blog:

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Aconcagua  (photo: Mike Hamill)

2 Expeditions, 2 Summits on Aconcagua!

Mike Hamill recently returned from Aconcagua where his teams were able to summit on both expeditions. 100% success on the first climb and nearly 100% on the second saw 14 of 16 climbers stand on top despite windy and cold conditions. Great work to all!

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Seven Summits

Aconcagua Season!

The climbing season on Aconcagua is in full swing! Guide Mike Hamill of Climbing the Seven Summits is set to leave for his 22nd and 23rd expeditions to the peak in a few days. Check out the new image from Aconcagua on Kalakora Gallery:

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