“Mike, Thanks to you an ordinary Joe (me) got a chance to do something special. I will never forget everything you did for me and for our team. I wish you all the best.” –Doug B.

“Mike, Thanks you for all your efforts in making this a successful expedition and introduction to Russia. It was a revelation to watch you work to help each team member have the best chance for summiting, but still look out for the welfare of the entire team.” –Scot B.

“It seems most guides can get clients up a mountain when all conditions are perfect, but the real pros shine when chaos strikes. I talked to several clients from other teams, and they were in disarray the morning of the storm. People straggling down on their own. Scary stuff. You handled our team with precision. Great communication with the members with briefings and what you expected for the next day. It was a honor to meet and climb with you.” –Mark K. (former NFL Player).

“Great climb! I really enjoyed your leadership. You made the right call all the time and I never worried about safety. And you handled difficult situation with professionalism. Terrific job! Thanks!” –Jim W.

“We really enjoyed being with you for our 6th of the 7 summits! Thank you for all of your help, advice and wisdom to get all of us up and down Vinson safely.” –Kriss B.

“I have to start with Mike here. I was a fan of his from Cho Oyu last year, and he didn’t let me down this year. Mike is a fantastic leader in all respects. His judgement is sound, he’s not afraid to make tough calls, he’s diplomatic, he takes charge and leads by example, he ensures good team morale, he’s technically brilliant, and he takes appropriate risks to ensure success. He was constantly examining the terrain for safety at all times in the lead and really had to make some tough calls about when to go up. He’s also a great conversationalist.” –Vanessa O.

“Again, thank you for leading my best climb ever!” –Turner B.

“It was a true honor to have been part of your team. I feel blessed to have spent time with one of the greatest modern mountain guides.” –Mark K.

“Mike, Thank you for helping me realize my dream of climbing the Seven Summits. I am glad our paths crossed in 2009 on Elbrus and we have had the opportunity to climb together. Your coaching, leadership, and mentoring have been instrumental in my growth as a mountaineer and a person. If it was not for your positive encouragement in 2010 after climbing Aconcagua I don’t know that I would’ve seized the opportunity to go climb Everest. It has been an amazing journey with a lot of great accomplishment and memories along the path to success. I am grateful that I have shared those experiences with you. Thank you again for all you have done to support me in my pursuit of the dream to climb the Seven Summits.” –Tim I.

“Thanks you for an amazing trip and climb of Denali! Memory of a lifetime!” –Warren W.

“A heartfelt thank you for another great adventure. I appreciate so much your patience and support. I’m looking forward to the next one — the challenge of training and preparing for it as well as the experience of living it… Great job!” –Jean D.

“You are the very best — I’m glad we know you!” –Julie S.

“Mike, there’s an aura about you that when you’re around everything will be ok. You chose the right profession, and I’m a better person because of it!! Cheers!!” –Bart W.

“Thanks for an awesome trip on Aconcagua! You guys were excellent!” –Mike M.

“Mike Hamill — Seasoned pro, classic lead guide, everything you want in a team leader and I consider myself lucky/privileged to get to climb with him. I’m sort of thinking Superman but with the ego of Clark Kent… Everything that Mike could do to make better, he did make better and his judgement was excellent. The call he made to go for the summit was amazing.” –Ken S.

“You’re one of the superhumans (by that I mean observant, thoughtful, authentic — as well as superman on a mountain) so I hope to know you for years to come!” –Jo M.

“I had the time of my life on Aconcagua. The trip was absolutely incredible, two weeks that I will treasure for the rest of my life. I have to say that Mike made the trip. He just inspires confidence and security. I knew that no matter what happened up there he could fix it for us. I would climb anything with him.” –Nicky M.

“Thanks Mike for an amazing expedition! These days will always remain on my mind.” –Vicky J.

“Thanks for a great trip! Can’t wait for the next adventure with you!” –Masha G.

“I wanted to thank you for the great experience of climbing and summiting Aconcagua. Your leadership of our group was great and I really enjoyed climbing and conversing with you. You have the right blend of experience, expertise, personality and leadership skills to manage such trips/climbs really well. I am looking forward to the prospect of climbing again with you in the coming months/years. Maybe Cho Oyu over the next few years.” –Bavesh P.

“Thank you for a fantastic trip!” –Jordan W.

“Again, thanks for an awesome adventure. It’s the people, the friendship and the camaraderie that make up for more than half of the experience. Thanks for being so great!! and getting me up and down that hill safely. I look forward to climbing with you again in the future.” –Jason V.

“(Thanks) for all your help and guidance on the recent trip to Aconcagua. Your knowledge and experience are invaluable. I hope I get a chance to climb with you again soon.” –Mark G.

“Thanks you for showing me the great World of high altitude climbing on Aconcagua. It had a lasting impact on me personally and my climbing, and it was due to you!” –Ann S.

“Mike, The trip was terrific. I was extremely impressed with your leadership qualities.” –Pete

“Thank you again for the trip of a lifetime” –Rick B.